Visual Evidence: Health Care Costs’ Wild Ride

Here’s an infographic depicting the out of control health care costs in the United States. This was put together by the Institute of Medicine.

Incredible ride of US Health Care Costs

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Night of the Living Amoeba

To Avoid Brain-Eating Amoebas, Hold Your Nose : Shots – Health Blog : NPR.

Apparently there is a type of protozoa living in warm fresh water lakes that is zombie-like in its eating habits. Tips to avoid infection: chlorinate your pool, hold your nose when jumping into the water, and listen for a little voice that keeps repeating “braaaains, braaaains”.

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New leukemia treatment exceeds wildest expectations – Health – Cancer –

New leukemia treatment exceeds wildest expectations 

Some good news for patients with lukemia. If these results can be replicated in large scale trials, not only will thousands of lives be saved, but health care costs will be driven down dramatically. Currently, the only relief for lukemia patients is through radiation, chemo and/or bone marrow transplants.



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Will Your Company Provide Health Insurance in 2014?

Play Time or Pay Day? – Employee Benefits –

Companies are weighing whether to keep their benefits plans or drop them once the state insurance exchanges go live. Which way is your company leaning?

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America’s inefficient health-care system: another look « Consider the Evidence

America’s inefficient health-care system: another look « Consider the Evidence.

Everyone knows by now that the U.S. has the highest per capita spending on health care of any industrialized nation. BUT did you know that we also have the shortest life-span…and we aren’t even keeping pace with other wealthy countries?


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RomneyCare – Love It or Hate It, It’s Working

A recent review of the Massachusetts insurance market shows that mandated insurance coverage and access through a state exchange has been working. Why wouldn’t we expect the same from national health care reform?

Here are the eleven main observations from the paper by Jonathan Gruber:

1) There has been a dramatic expansion of health insurance, reducing the uninsurance rate by 60-70%.

2) No change in wait times for general an internal medicine practitioners have been observed.

3) The share of the population with a usual source of care, receiving preventative care, and receiving dental care all rose.

4) The rate of utilization of emergency care fell modestly.

5) There has been a 40% decline in uncompensated care.

6) The proportion of the population with employer-sponsored health insurance increased by 0.6%.

7) The rate of employer offers of coverage grew from 70% to 76%.

8.) Mandate compliance has been very high: 98% compliance in reporting via tax filings of obtaining coverage or paying penalties.

9) The administrative costs of health reform have been low. Overall implementation costs have been close to expectations.

10) Premiums have fallen dramatically in the non-group market.

11) Though group premiums have risen, they have not increased faster than one would expect from increases in other states in the region.

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It’s County Fair Time!

Ah, Summer. Fireworks. Watermelon. Baseball.

And don’t forget the local county fair. Rides and rodeos and games and fried food. Elephant ears? Those are for wimps! Try this:

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